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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapBusy week so far….after a great fish day for me and all concerned Monday, Wednesday proved to be good for others in our group, but not me. But that’s okay. I really enjoyed seeing my friend Claudia reel in two reds (sockeyes), Alton two also, and Gene one….I netted.
We’ve been feeling the days with fun and excitement for Claudia. On Tuesday Claudia and I drove to Homer to do research to find a Kayaking Co. to fulfill one of the items on her ‘bucket list’. We made a reservation, shopped the boardwalks, and ate at Captain Pattie….her treat.
Today was the day….we kayaked half-day on the backside of Yukon Island, the biggest island in Katchemak Bay area (between Halibut Cove and Seldovia). The weather held out and we had yet another day of sunshine and calm. Calm, that is, until our return trip to Homer in the big boat….not fun! Kayaking was an experience, and for me it was both scary and fun. For Claudia it was an awesome experience. Our pics will be delayed as we did not risk getting our phone or cameras wet. We must develop a cd from a waterproof camera purchased ahead of time. Thanks Claudia for letting me share this day with you. I feel honored.
On our return we viewed the Norman Lowell Gallery along with the much smaller Ben Firth studio across the highway. Then Claudia HAD to experience Nina of the Russian Village of Nikolaevesk. Claudia said we all did a good job of describing her and the experience.
Claudia has decided she’d rather take her chances at fishing again instead of the new ‘clamming’ experience. I think she has the fever. She is currently helping Gene and Alton marinate all their salmon for smoking. The smoking begins tomorrow.
It is going to be hard to fit everything in before Claudia leaves. After fishing tomorrow and all the processing, that leaves Saturday for a day of R & R and playing in Kenai and Soldotna….shops, farmer’s market, just to name a few. She departs Sunday after church.