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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jul 2012

Location: USA

MapWeather today was rainy and cool...Claudia's last full day of the Kenai Peninsula. We woke at 7 and left at 7:30 to be in Soldotna by 8:30....first stop Moose is Loose. We took two bags of Starbucks coffee beans (Claudia had brought us) to Fred Meyers to be ground. While there, we bought 10 more ears of white corn on the cob and 2 avocados. The corn was 2 for $1, the avocados 2 for $3. From there we went to the Salvation Army, Soldotan Farmer's Market, and Well's Fargo. At the Farmer's Market, Claudia purchased a few momentos. I bought a jar of Garlic Scrape Pesto for Gwynne as a thank you for watching over Dylan. It was $12, but VERY good. Claudia and I proceeded to another couple of 2nd hand shops and a few garage sales, finding treasures each of us had to have. We made our way to the Kenai Farmer's Market at the visitor's center....more was time to move towards the home base for a 2:30 lunch date with the men. Gwynne fixed Halibut Olympia, spinach casserole, and pecan pie....YUM!
Afterwards, Claudia and I finished the smoked salmon process by vacuum packing the pieces....13 bags of about 10 pieces 2" X 2". They are now in the freezer....7 for Claudia, 6 for me, thanks to Gene's and Alton's contribution.
We are winding down Claudia's trip, packing a Priority Flat Rate box for her to ship home with delicates. I will miss her. We had a great week of fun and adventure! (Jennifer)