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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jul 2012

Location: Ninilchik, Alaska, USA

MapDylan and I spend our days roaming and finding things to do, like look for wild life, find interesting pieces of wood and shells on the beach, playing games, watching his favorite TV shows, or movies....but mostly just 'hanging out' and enjoying the quaint atmosphere of the locals. We roam over to Homer, then maybe to look at the Anchor river, or to Soldatna which has the Kenai going through it. You name it...we do it...If Gene sees moose or bears on his property we go there looking for anything and everything....We are going to fish on the Deep Creek when we are assured there are no bears fishing with us....Jennifer and I are both making complicated Afghans and I have a Crewel Pheasant to work on and frame for Gene before we leave our cabin September 8th. Bob is having a wifi router put in our cabin in the next several days so I will be much more available for Skype and Facetime...can't wait. Dylan still thinks when we talk on the I Phone that everyone can see what he is much of fantasy...