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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapI write to you at 8 a.m. after fishing two hours (5:30 to 7:30) near the cabin on Deep Creek for Silver (Cohoe) salmon. These fish are the most desireable around here as they are more of a challenge to catch, they are close to home, and the process leaves you time in the day to do other things. The fishing time is before dawn up until the sun would hit the water....fishermen say the fish can see you at that point and won't bite. We fish with processed roe, the eggs coming from all the female Sockeyes caught prior to Silver season. Typically, Silver season begins August 1st (or whenever they decide to come in from the ocean). They were not in yet, today. It was misty, cloudy, but not uncomfortable. Alton DID catch two Dolly was too small, the other he will fillet and serve as a meal for the two men.
Fishing for Sockeyes 40 miles away is an all day affair. I am up to 8 sockeyes at the moment and don't know that we'll go back for more. We have had a couple of occasions to fish from Dixie's fishing ramps in Soldotna. This keeps us from having to fight for position with the droves of other fishermen. However, the current at her place, makes it harder to set the hook AND to net the fish. Yesterday, we caught 5 there after Alton had caught 1 behind the Lazy Mall (the limit has been raised to 6 per person, per day). The reason we were able to fish at Dixie's is because Gene was interested in looking at and possibly purchasing a vehicle she had for sale. He DID purchase it, but upon driving it home yesterday, it blew a spark plug. I was driving. Fortunately, Gene and Alton were still close by in his other vehicle and it was decided to leave the new one behind for Dixie's son to fix. I hope all goes well for Gene's sake.
Clamming tides are prime right now, with tomorrow being the lowest tide for this month....a -3.6. Wish us luck. We will be trying the other beach in Ninilchik where I've heard it is muddy....YUK! Dylan will not be making this trip. (Jennifer)