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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapGene's new car is no longer. He was able to get all his money back including the title fee he paid to transfer it into his name. Dixie (the person from whom Gene bought the car) was very understanding about the whole thing. Gene is relieved, I'm sure.
We were able to fish for an hour or so on Dixie's private fishing pier. Gene caught a small Sockeye. The rest of us left empty-handed.
As we departed, we followed Dixie to the DMV in Soldotna. Gwynne and I had agreed she would pick me up in Soldotna so we could make our way to WalMart in Kenai to shop for Nick's 25th Birthday. Gwynne ended up treating all of us to Chinese food in the area.....good food. The cashier made the mistake of talking to Dylan so the non-stop verbal interaction insued. They had two fish tanks that kept him inquisitive. He talks to everyone.....remind you of anyone?
We parted ways from Alton and Gene....they continued to go fishing, this time at Morgan's Landing....We accomplished our goal at WalMart, although much slower than anticipated, and drove back home. Bob Jones now has all the gadgets he needs to connect us to a modem. We picked up some clamps at Radio Shack while in town. He is supposed to hook us up today....I'm looking soooooo forward to it. I don't frequent the Senior Center as often as Gwynne.
Gwynne and I are seriously looking into childcare places so Dylan can interact with other children. He has only been surrounded by adults since Church camp...about a month ago. He is all boy, pretending to be a tiger or a dinosaur, and we are not....we have the bruises to prove it!
Today we would be clamming. It is a beautiful day. However, the wind is blowing too hard. It is hard to gauge how cold it truly is on that beach, but it is windier there, typically, than at home. We have bowed out and will maybe try another day. We shall see. Today will now be wash day. (Jennifer)