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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapI give up! After clamming 3 times this summer, we have 9 clams. Typically, we catch 25 per person. The limit is 60 per person.
Up at 4:15 a.m. to pick up Alton to go fishing and be in the fishing hole by 5 a.m. Instantly, Alton caught a small Silver Salmon (also know as a Coho). Gene fished Ninilchik River, while Alton and I fished Deep Creek. This is because the Ninilchik River is hard to maneuver and in the dark, it is impossible for those who are not familiar. Gene also caught a small one. I had one one, but it took my line. I will not lose another....tomorrow same schedule for fishing.
Upon returning home, I took a short nap as we were scheduled to go clamming at 10:30. Had I known the outcome, I would have stayed in bed! However, we did get a bunch of small mussels for Gwynne and Alton to feast on. Gene and I aren't much for these shellfish from the sea.
The men came over for a late lunch....grilled salmon, homony, salad, blueberry/rhubarb pie from the Menonite Bakery. Everything was delicious.
After lunch, Alton, Dylan, and I went to Bob's to cut some Rhubarb to vacuum pack to ship home with our fish.
Last night, after a great session of internet service, I was able to finally upload a video of some moose at Gene's cabin to YouTube. Gene has had this video stored on his computer since June. Thanks to Tracy we are able to actully share it with the public. Here is the link:
Tomorrow I will serve the men a taco salad after they attend church. (Jennifer)