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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapYesterday I was starting to get discouraged with the whole fishing scene. For a second day in a row, my fellow fishermen caught fish, I had one on and lost it. After Alton had his limit of 2, I asked him to show me what he's doing. Upon examining his technique, I remembered I was doing it all wrong and it started coming back to me.
I arrived back home at 7:30 and had my quota of coffee. Taco Salad was on the menu for Sunday with leftover Rhubarb/Blueberry pie Gwynne had purchased at the Menonite bakery. After a late lunch/early dinner, Gwynne showed Alton how to play Cribbage from her iPad while I worked with Gene on his computer teaching him how to cut/copy/paste. He was able to view his Moose video on YouTube and send it to friends and relatives. We all then played Cribbage as partners. Where the previous game was won by Gwynne and Alton a couple of days ago, this game was won by Alton and I.
The men usually insist on leaving early so they can get things done around their house and prepare fishing equipment, thus they left around 4:30. Gwynne, Dylan, and I then watched a Stephanie Plum movie (Kathryn Heigel) and part of Phantom of the Opera (on t.v.)....can't get enough of that Gerard Butler! We had to STOP watching it only because it was 10 p.m. and I had to get up at 4 a.m. for fishing.
I woke at 3:15 and could not go back to sleep. The only thing keeping me going right now, on this Monday morning while Dylan and Gwynne still sleep, is adrenaline. I caught my limit of 2 today while Alton come in fishless. I dropped him off at Gene's car and traveled home....home by 7:15. We had to be at our fishing hole this morning by 4:30 (just before dawn) to get our spot. We started fishing around 4:45 and by 5:15 my first Silver was hooked and landed. Withinn 10 minutes I landed the second. It looks like Alton's lesson on casting and bringing in the line worked. WOOHOO!
Today I will be going to the Senior Center for their Shepherd's Pie on the menu. I will also go on Friday for their Halibut Olympia. Gwynne was a sweetie and bought me a gift card for a few meals there.....$6 each even when you're a member. (Jennifer)
p.s. I believe I owe a belated birthday wish to my step-grandson Kaleb. He turned four. Happy Birthday Kaleb!