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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Aug 2012

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapWell we are winding down for the last of the three months we have been here in Ninilchik, Alaska, in our little cabin (picture on the side) and our great hosts, Bob and Carole Jones who we have known thirty plus years. We are grateful to have been able to travel here multiple times and enjoy the beauty of this wild wilderness, enjoying the incredible sites and stocking up on salmon to fed ex home.

Dylan has learned more compacted in these few months as will be possible in any stretch of time from this point forward. He is an amazing kid and we often forget he is a 4 year old as he speaks so eloquently ....but then he throws a major tantrum and I get it that, as all of us at any age, act like 2 years old when we do that.

We will be taking the Ferry from Skagway Alaska to Bellingham, leaving here on the 8th, catching the ferry on the 10th and getting to San Antonio September 18th...not looking forward to the heat...but looking forward to being with my family, kids and grandkids.....I will post some pictures but not necessarily be writing much any more...Am working on an afghan, and a creweled pheasant so much to be done....before I leave...