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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapOkay...let me try this one more time. I spend a considerable amount of time composing my thoughts on the blog and just got a notice the one I just finished did not load. From now on, I will cut and paste my diary entries to a document to play it I was saying....
I was able to squeeze in a 2 1/2 hour nap upon my return from fishing this a.m. I caught one Silver bringing my total so far to 7 Silvers. I brought home a Dolly Varden Alton had caught for Gwynne & I to eat....yum! I had to gut and behead it at home, however, as Alton cleaned my Silver at his camp at Gene's....seemed like an unfair trade, but I am grateful....all the supplies and freezer are at Gene's....the frying pan is here.
The competition for fishing increases daily. Yesterday, a local (Ed) showed up before us and was near my spot. After hearing and then watching me catch my limit in that hole, however, Ed was in my spot bright and early this a.m. First come, first serve. The Frenchmen and others showed up a bit later than us, so there were about six fishing my favority 'hole'. Ed caught his limit and then told me to come over to it before the Frenchmen encroached. I did. Alton, however, came soon after, pole broke down (taken apart....this means he's through fishing) and my bait was turning mushy, what little I had at the bottom of my we quit.
Yesterday, Gwynne took Dylan with her to Soldotna so I could nap. I napped for an hour then lay there thinking of all the things I'd been assigned to do: take the Van Endyes lox and bagels, list on Ebay, clean the kitchen, rub the steaks for dinner with fajita seasoning. After Gwynne returned, Carole brought her sister Betty over for a visit so she could see the 'finished' A-frame. Gene & Alton soon entered. They had filled gallon containers full of water from Bob's well to take to Gene's cabin. Betty and Joe (her son) would leave last night. He came by to say goodbye as well (later). Once Betty & Carole left, Don Van Ende came over to get my help in retrieving a huge box from under the house. Job accomplished for these 60 and 75 year old fisher'people'.
I have failed to share Dylan's cute sayings or responses and will try to post them from now on. Last week he came to tell me his bruise was better and he guessed he could get married now. This was after Memaw told him it would get better before he got married when it happened. I laughed outloud! This week, I went to the bathroom and shut the door (while Gene and Alton were here). Dylan asked: "Memaw, are you going to poop?" I did not answer. He then commented, "I take that as a yes." This 4-year old amazes and amuses me! (Jennifer)
p.s. We've been invited to dinner at the Van Endyes cabin. Can't wait!