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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapMet the wife of a friend of Bob & Carole’s…Jennifer and her daughter Clair (6 yr. old). ….her husband is an F-16 pilot and they are staying until Tuesday. Dylan got to spend some time playing with Clair toady before they ventured off to Homer. They will get together again after they return. Dylan and I will be going to visit the Ninilchik Fire Station open house after lunch. They are trying to recruit volunteers.
Alton, Gene, and I were all fishless today! I watched as the Silvers swam in and out of my bait, dodging it even when I enticed them directly. It was very frustrating. Gene says it maybe that they’ve been in that hole too long. I am glad I woke up later and arrived later at the hole. My spot was available although there were 6 Frenchmen/Frenchwomen there. All left empty handed except for two fish for the 8 different fisher’people’. We don’t know what’s going on, but Bob guarantees there will be a better run before we leave in September. It IS slow!
It is now 6 p.m., lunch has been served, guests have left, Dylan and I visited the Open House at the Ninilchik Volunteer Fire Department (pictures have been uploaded), and a game of Cribbage with our gentlemen friends was played. Gene and I won against Gwynne and Alton. I am glad we went to the Open House at the Firestation. Dylan had a great time and was able to play with more kids. He has always been afraid of fire trucks because of their noise, so now he has had the opportunity to see one up close. One firefighter, in particular, was very helpful and cordial, taking Dylan around and making sure he got his picture taken by the chief. This was a free service for anyone who wanted one. We have an 8 X 10 souvenir I had the young ff sign and will put it in Dylan’s scrapbook for safe-keeping.
Gene has hooked me up with a new fat yarn hook, telling me the old one was dull and malfunctioning. I’m sure this is why I’ve lost a few the past few days. I’ll show those Frenchmen yet….Same time, same place tomorrow. (Jennifer)