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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapThis routine is begining to show its wear on my body. My body is starting to FEEL 60. Up at 4 (at the latest) and fishing until 6:30 or 7 a.m. Of late, I have extended the morning by going with Gene and Alton to pitch in what little I can do in the fish processing routine. Today, we finished around 8:45 as we only had 3 fish to clean/process. I caught two of the three, but yesterday we had 7 (of which two were mine). It's more about keeping Gene company while he does his meticulous cleaning step by step. Then basically watch Gene & Alton vacuum pack. I hand Alton the bags and Gene paper towels to wipe of the board he works from.....big deal! We started fishing August 4th (I believe) and have been at it ever since.
Dylan has had a great past few days as Clare has been a playmate. She and her mom, Jennifer, hail from Fairbanks. Her father is based at Eilson AFB there and serves as the commander. All this fun ends tomorrow when they head back. He has really had a great time and will miss her. I think Clare had fund too, but he's starting to wear on her I think.
Gwynne continues to shine as a cook....yesterday she tried two recipes from the Menonite's cookbook...Chicken-brocolli pie and Rhubarb cake dessert (made with jello). Although she was disappointed in the presentation part of the dishes, we all felt they were delicious. She has vowed to make a few changes. Today, she has prepared Spanish rice, guacamole, and bread pudding to carry over to the chicken fajita dinner Dixie and Don are hosting in the Jones's garage for the compound.
Bob & Carole's grand daughter, Sara, is here and will eat with us too. My kids played with Sara and her sister & brothers in 1998. Both sides have fond memories. (Jennifer)