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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapThings are settling down….Clare and her mom, Jennifer, left yesterday and Don & Dixie are preparing to leave today. The new group will be Bob and Carole’s oldest daughter and her husband…arriving tomorrow. Dylan, Gwynne, and I really enjoyed Jennifer and Clare while they were here. Clare didn’t want to leave Dylan, and Jennifer said she wanted to cry….she thought she was leaving family….this relationship started when she had to use our bathroom facilities a few days back as hers was backed up (if you get my drift). She would come enjoy her morning coffee with us and spend evenings with us too. Clare stayed with us during the day hours when Jennifer was out fishing. She got just as attached to us as Clare got to Dylan.
Yesterday, on my birthday, I was fishless as I watched Alton reign with his limit among the group at our ‘hole’….usually around 6 fishermen. Today, a different story. Alton and I both caught one IN THE DARK! I felt for Don V. as he was trying so hard. Today he had two on and lost them both. He will still go home with a few as well as some halibut…not too shabby.
Upon returning home on both days, I was able to take a short nap until 9ish a.m. This helps me from being a grouch all day. Yesterday, I got a late start, but drove to Soldotna alone for a 2 p.m. pedicure Gwynne had arranged for my b-day gift. It was awesome!....better than home. From there, I returned something to Home Depot for Alton and went shopping at WalMart. I returned home around 6 p.m. All in all, this birthday was a good one, minus a few faux-pas.
On Monday night, the Van Eynde’s hosted a chicken fajita party in the Jones’s garage. Present were: Bob, Carole, Sarah (thier grand daughter), Don, Dixie, Gene, Alton, Jennifer, Gwynne, Dylan, Clare, and I. The meal was great and as a surprise, the Van Eynde’s had purchased a birthday cake in Soldotna with "Happy Birthday Gwynne and Jennifer" written on it. Don was sure to add, verbally, that we had a combined age of 130 years….with a 60 and a 70 posted. What a nice gesture!
I will take a break from fishing on Saturday to sleep in. The Kenai Peninsula State Fair is hosted in Ninilchik this weekend, so I’m sure there will be droves of people. As for Sunday, my fishing buddy “Ed” does not fish on Sunday, so I will try my hand at it on that day again. The crowds are increasing on the river. Gene hikes to his fishing hole at 3:30 a.m. every morning. Yesterday he said there were 16. Yikes!