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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapWe had a welcomed surprise, a lovely mother/daughter combo arrived from Fairbanks to have the ultimate ‘fishing experience’ on the Kenai. Jennifer Waite and her husband met Bob and Carole on their way to Hawaii for a visit and Bob sat with them and invited her on the ‘ultimate fishing trip’ to the Kenai....She came with Claire, her 6 year old daughter and we made immediate and lasting friends with her. We kept Claire while she went fishing at odd hours of the morning and all day one day; she also came over and spent time with us drinking coffee and just gossiping like she was a sister, we all fit like a small family. Needless to say, Dylan and Claire were inseparable and Dylan spent hours hunting wild flowers, playing imaginary ‘pet shop’, watching Claire dance with her new ballerina flats, watching Nick Jr., taking care of Claire’s sick puppy (imaginary) and hunting rocks to paint on the beach. We were sad to see them leave yesterday, but we know we will keep up as you just know when you have met a life long friend. Pictures are available to see of this little tight knit group. (Gwynne)