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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapThe days are starting to run together. Is this the sign we are getting too settled in OR that it's time to leave? Tomorrow marks three weeks until our departure. We will spend two nights on the road (both in Alaska....going through the Yukon.....hard to understand, but true), four nights on the ferry Columbia, then four nights on the road to S.A.
Yesterday, Alton and I came home fishless as did all fishermen on our end of the river. Gene was on the upper river with the combat fishermen and pulled two Silvers from the river where none of his comrads (if you want to call them that....he wouldn't! A story follows shortly) did. Bob, near the mouth of the river at the Meadows, got his limit. I then squeezed in a short nap, Dylan still in my bed....a first. He stayed in his pajamas all day. Since it was Gwynne's birthday, we would be homebound. We watched dvds, watched Nick Jr., Disney Jr., Sprout....he played on my iPad, iPhone, computer. We ate and by 5 p.m. Gwynne came home from Soldotna where she got her pedicure. She agreed with me that this salon was better than what we've had before in S.A. I gave Gwynne her gift a few days back when it arrived in the mail....I had made her a wooden cross covered with ornamental jewelry with significance as well as beads.....all silver and gold. She was presented with her birthday cards from Sister Debbie and Mom before she headed to Soldotna. The rest of the evening was uneventful, although the oldest of Bob & Carole's children, Sherrie, and her husband, Ron, arrived from the lower 48. Dylan, of course, had to introduce himself to them and spent the last 30 minutes of his day visiting with the Joneses.
Alton and I were, once again, fishless today. This time, however, there were three fish on the bank, unlike yesterday, for the group that was fishing. I was able to squeeze in another nap before we depart for Homer, where we will purchase Dylan's 4 1/2 year old birthday gift for Sunday's celebration AND get steaks for tonight's dinner. I love my sister!
Today the Kenai Peninsula Fair starts and runs through Sunday. We plan on going tomorrow. Alton will join us. This event crowds the streets and highway of Ninilchik. Finding a parking spot is difficult, so we will ask Gene to drop us off and pick us up. Bob has printed on photo paper a copy of the poster of the fair that is posted around town. This was a request so Memaw could make a page in Dylan's scrapbook. (Jennifer)
p.s. So....At the beginning of the season when Gene was first fishing the 'Upper Silver Hole' amongst some of the abrasive, intrusive Frenchmen, Gene, in his sportsfishing mode, instructed these 'gangsters' to "Get their Pixies out of his hole!" This after watching them dredge the hole in the dark with their lighted, snagging lures, then pointing his finger at them and commenting. Etiquette says that you don't fish the hole in the dark.