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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapYesterday I got to sleep in...a first in two weeks. No more will you see me sleeping 12 hours unless it is the last week we are here. I slept 'til 8, while Dylan played Angry Birds on my iPhone starting at 7:15. A repeat of this again today.
Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We hosted lunch for the boys. I cooked Judy's chicken/stuffing casserole, okra gumbo. Gene brought some homemade sourdough bread (a mix Gwynne had purchased). Gwynne made a buttermilk pie. We crocheted/sewed and watched Stars Earn Stripes.
Today Gwynne dropped Dylan and I off at the fair with hopes of riding a horse. We went through the craft barn, exhibit hall, booths selling goods, livestock barns, but the rides did not start for another hour and a half. I took lots of pictures. And with Dylan's cold, I decided the muggy, wet, cold weather was not good to stand around and wait. We spent and hour to an hour and a half viewing, petting, taking pictures, touring the place and Gwynne picked us up. We swiftly returned for a wall hanging I had sent her a picture of....a quilted caribou. She treated herself this for her birthday.
We served WW chili with cornbread, pineapple slice w/ cheese, mayo, lettuce (remember this dish from Mommy?), and Dylan's cupcakes for dessert. I presented Dylan with his gift for his 4 1/2 year old birthday party....a fluffy blanket with the picture of a wolf. Gwynne had given him a large stuffed black bear earlier in the week. I'm sure the guys thought we were crazy, but we had promised this early on in the summer and wouldn't go back on our word.
The men stuck around for a couple of games of Cribbage. Gene & I were triumphant once again.
Now I think I'll sit back and drink a glass of wine. I have to resume my fishing regimen tomorrow. (Jennifer)