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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapYesterday began the fishing regimen again.....but later than usual and with some changes. Gene and Bob H. joined us in the lower river, but not in the same spot. They came back fishless. Alton and I each had one. This prompted Gene to come fishing side-by-side with Alton and I. We all limited out today! I had both mine within the first 25 minutes.
Dylan and Memaw spent time at home while Gwynne went to the S.C. yesterday for lunch...roast, mashed taters, salad, carrots/onions. We thought it might be a moose roast as Gene volunteered the previous day to butcher one which was illegal kill in Talkeetna. Each charity group is placed on a list to call for roadkill or illegally killed moose. It was the S.C. in Ninilchik's turn. Whilst she ate, I tried to rest while Dylan played games on the iPad. Then Dylan and I played a round of Hide and Seek....not much of a challenge when Dylan hides in the same place everytime and Memaw can't find too many places to hide. Gwynne had a client to Skype at 5, so Dylan and I ran errands and went rock hunting at the beach.
The fishing game has been beginning at 4:45, fishing by 5:45 (too dark until then, according to some). Today I pitched in and helped clean and pack fish too. Gene actually allowed me to fillet one of the salmon. He complimented 'job well done'. We finished by 10:15 and I am now getting ready to go eat at the S.C., meeting Alton and Gene for enchiladas, while Gwynne stays with Dylan. Afterwards, we will wash clothes.....oh joy! (Jennifer)