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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapI once commented to Gene that even though the residents feel this is the coldest summer on record, that I was not freezing during fishing like I have in the past. He mentioned that it took two weeks to acclimate to the weather (which we had already accumulated). But now I’m feeling the cold even though this morning when we went fishing it was one degree warmer than the typical fishing morning. Perhaps I am beginning to ‘de’ acclimate in preparation for the journey south. In any case….
Today we were fishless (the Frenchmen had one)! So, I am throwing in the towel. I suppose if I had not already boxed my fish to be shipped, I may not be saying that, but……with a recent cold and a bum knee I just can’t get motivated.
The knee incident must have happened one of my recent days of fishing. I had a fish on and was bringing it in, backing up the shore like I always do, and fell flat on my butt. One of the ‘younger’ Frenchmen came to my aid. As I got up, he kicked the fish up on shore. My knee, at the time, was fine. However, three days ago, it started giving me problems. I shall rest it for the remainder.
I shipped a box of rocks home to Sister Debbie and will be shipping another to a friend who requested them. We will also be shipping boxes of things we will not need on the road that we have accumulated and won’t fit in the car. Dylan is ready to come home, so we may ship him home too.
The cold Dylan had (we assume he caught from Clare’s mom) has made its run through our household. I was down for a couple of days, missing fishing. Gwynne is mending from her bout with it. We only hope the men don’t get it from just hanging out with us. We try not to kiss them too much…..just kidding!
Yesterday, Alton and I drove to Soldotna for a couple of errands. We went to Wells Fargo to w/d money that was sent to me and tried to cash there the day before. Believe it or not, they would not cash an MO from Western Union….don’t understand, but oh well. One of my main goals was to get to the Farmer’s Market for more garlic scape pesto….sure ‘nough he was still there. The market goes through next weekend and then not again until next summer. Things are winding down everywhere. Alton treated me to a cup of Starbucks at Fred Meyer as we had to go in for a fish box and check on other sundries. I think I got him hooked back when we were fishing Sockeyes. We ran be Beemun’s for Gwynne to look for artist canvas to stretch-mount a pheasant crewel project. The canvases ranged from $14.99 to $21.99…WOW! I saved this search for WalMart. At Kenai’s Walmart, the canvases were packaged 2 for $8.22….done deal. I picked up 103 photos for Dylan’s scrapbook and photo album that I had placed an order for online the day before and a few grocery items to help tie (?) Dylan over until the 8th.
On the way home, we saw the first moose I’ve seen in weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the wildlife on the way home. I’m hoping the weather will be cool so they will be a little frisky. We shall see.
Shortly after returning home, all met at the A-frame for a wonderful lunch ala Gwynne….Ziti with basil tomato meat sauce/balls and a great salad. We played a game of Cribbage, Gwynne and I partners. We won! What a hoot! I shared my Mennonite Peanut Butter cookies for dessert. Today, Gwynne is serving Halibut Olympia with egg noodles and a spinach dish. I am making a carrot salad and a blueberry crisp. (Jennifer)