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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2012

Location: USA

MapThe fish departed Ninilchik at 6:02 a.m. headed for Kendalia with a tracking number....very interesting to watch how fast these things can go 4500 miles. I just hope BOTH packages make it safe and sound. Sister Debbie is receiving them sometime today. I've since been offered clamming for packages of clams and packages of halibut, but it is too late.
Yesterday I spent one of my last four gift card lunches at the senior center. I will give one of mine to Gwynne today so we don't lose them. Alton and Gene joined me. We had meat stroganoff (which means Moose instead of Beef), potato salad, salad, dessert (of which ice cream is always a choice). It was good, but not up to the S.C. standards, in my opinion. Today Gwynne will have pork and saurkraut.
After lunch, I took Alton to drop off his clothes at the laundrymat (Hylen's called the Alaskan Angler RV Park) and then we hunted the Ninlchik Beach for jade. After dropping Alton off to complete the laundrying, I ran a few errands in town (Ha!)....P.O., printing at the Library, shop the old taxadermist shop (which is closing). Then Alton was returned to his abode. He will be leaving us to go home tomorrow night. I will travel with Gene to keep him alert in the darkness....moose on the road and a man who has a reputation for falling asleep sitting upright.
The fishing boots have been retired as I spent 30 minutes scrubbing fish blood (and some of my own), salmon egg juice, mud, and Deep Creek novelties off with liquid Lava soap and a brush. This is a sure sign that I will not be returning to the fishing scene (except in the daytime, hopefully with Gene, to take Dylan for a shot at fishing).
Thursday we are planning our last trip to Homer for last minute groceries to tide us over, eat at Pho's, and most importantly to watch cars drive on a ferry so Dylan can see the process. The ferry Tustumena travels weekly from Homer to Seldovia to Kodiak and ultimately Dutch Harbor in the Aluetian chain. One might ask why we don't take a ferry from Homer to Bellingham (on a different ferry)? This requires a cross Gulf leg that I am not willing to risk, especially with a four-year old. If the water was like it was yesterday, the whole population on the ferry would have been sick! The inside passage is smooth sailing (I hope). (Jennifer)