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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Sep 2012

Location: USA

MapYesterday we reached a significant mark in our week until we depart. Dylan is now putting 'gold' stickers on the calendar to signify the last week of Alaska. We are ALL ready! Our only problem may be that we will have a hard time waking up to our wake-up calls in our motels on the road.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, although a little brisk. The temperature stayed in the 50's. I spray painted about 10 small pine cones gold for Dylan to have at home at Christmas....a little part of Alaska and Ninilchik and the Jones' compound.
We stayed in ALL day as Gwynne and Gene made a trip to Soldotna for necessities and fly making materials. I crocheted. Dylan played learning games on the computer and watched a few dvds on the computer as well. He has not watched a dvd in weeks.
Friday we had Gene over for Gwynne's quiche and parmesean biscuits. Afterwards, Gene demonstrated the rigorous process (for him) of making the flies he will use to fish for Silvers during September. The whole process took about an hour. Pictures under August 31st have been posted showing the process. Today Gene will come over for another one of Gwynne's lunches, chicken I think, and he may demonstrate how to make another fly.
We plan on returning to Soldotna one day this week (Wednesday or Thursday) to send some large packages home, go to the bank, shop for the road (have to have some Ferry snacks), just to name a few.
There are no more visitors at the Jones'. Sherri (their daughter) and Ron (her husband) left Friday. They were staying at the other cabin for two weeks. Another friend of a friend was staying at the 5 th wheel trailer and left Friday as well. They will be winterizing all the cabins once WE leave. (Jennifer)