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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Sep 2012

Location: USA

MapChange of plans.....woke up leisurely this morning, paying bills, and my sister proposed a plan that I accepted and we ran with it.
We were scheduled to leave Saturday and ride the ferry from Skagway to Bellingham. The weather here has made a turn for the worse and boredom has set in. We have canceled the ferry reservations and opted to drive straight home, arriving sometime around the 13th....5 days earlier than planned. The time has come to go home, so there's no waiting around.
We washed clothes, mailed boxes home, called home to notify loved ones of the change in plans, and have changed all the reservations. We saved steaks for our last night meal so we won't have that craving on the road.
Wish us luck getting across the border w/ Dylan. We ran into a small problem on the way up. We have warned Audrey (his mom) to be prepared to answer the phone just in case.
We will post pictures and diary entries barring frustration from the slow service typically found in the bush. (Jennifer)