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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Sep 2012

Location: USA

MapLeft Ninilchik at 6:09, arrived at our destination, Tok, AK at 4:30 only to find our reservation was good, but none of the help showed up that day to clean rooms, so nothing was available. We looked in this vacant town for other motels. Most are shutting down for winter. Fortunately, the restaurant we frequent helped us find one and it ended up being 'nicer' than the original. Too bad we won't be back to experience this one again!
The scenery today was unreal. Fall colors abound! Rain through Anchorage (who had just had hurricane force winds the night before, electrical outage throughout, school dismissed for the day, trees obviously uprooted and visible), sunshine therafter. The fireweed no longer blooms, but the leaves turn red and are prettier than the blossoms....range from orange to bright red....the trees that are not pine/juniper/evergreen are a beautiful yellow and yellow orange. The pictures I'm posting do not do it justice. So be patient and look for Gwynne's as this is when I was driving and she used her iPad when she could....better quality. (Jennifer)
p.s. Dylan spent some time yesterday afternoon imagining formations from the clouds....a fish crab, beluga whale, a frozen bear made out of bubbles.