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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Sep 2012

Location: USA

MapOn a whim, Gwynne and I decided at the last minute to change our route from one hotel to the next, over 600 miles away....our origin, Whitecourt, 100 miles northwest of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.....our destination, Great Falls, Montana, USA. Now I don't know how many of you have traveled that road, but it is well traveled, well established, and VERY boring. Trying to manuever through Edmonton and Calgary with the terrible signage was something we did not want to do. We had already decided the day before to take one indirect road to Edmonton instead of the main highway. But upon driving that road, I proposed a plan. All day, we traveled parallel to the main drag on back roads. It took us through scenic farmland. Small towns broke the monotony of the seemingly long trek from Edmonton to Calgary. We crossed the border at Waterton National Park and Glacier National Park on the east side, not another soul in sight on the US side....piece of cake.
Upon approaching the border, perhaps 75 miles out or so, we started seeing the mountains with a bad haze. This lasted for over 200 miles. The haze was from fires across Montana and Idaho. It was bad, but lightened up just shy of Great Falls.
We arrived in Great Falls at 6 p.m. having driven, perhaps, 25 miles more than scheduled, but with sanity intact. We made way to our steakhouse "Jaker's" for a ribeye. Gwynne treated me to a glass of wine and she shared dessert....creme brulee (sp?). To bed at Comfort Inn by 9:30 p.m. Off to Salt Lake City on IH-15 the whole way going 75mph. (Jennifer)
p.s. Here is a link to view a short video of a herd of free-range bison on the Alaska Highway: