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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Sep 2012

MapA fairly uneventful day....still smoke in the air. Different, I think, than any other trip I can remember, we were on the same interstate highway ALL DAY! IH-15 took us from Great Falls, Montana 560ish miles to south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Gwynne still makes fun of me while we pass a humongous silo near Salt Lake that I inquired on one of our trips if that was the Morman Tabernacle. I will not live it down. So when we pass by this huge complex, we salute.
Dylan, once again, was a trooper, playing on my iPad games the entire trip looking up only when there was a train or cows/horses. The speed limit was 75 and we drove between 75 and 90 mph to make good time. We were keeping up with the traffic through Montana, Idaho, and Utah. We skirted the Great Salt Lake. I didn't realize it was so close to the highway. We were arriving in the SLC area around rush hour, but it went smooth enough.
Dylan and I went for a short swim. The pool, of course, was inside. We WERE going to spend 30 minutes, but the area was like a sauna. The pool was comfortable, the hot tub too hot. Dylan finally got to watch his Sprout channel, an amenity he did not have before today after we left Ninilchik. His highlight of the day is playing in the bathtub as he was stuck with showering for 3 months.
We move on to Albuerquerque area tomorrow, staying at the Isleta Hard Rock Casino so Gwynne can get her fix of gambling. Dylan and I will spend quality time together. (Jennifer)