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Scott’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapHey all,

Just a quick check in to let you all know that the big silver bird in the sky delivered us safe and sound to Hollywood! All went according to schedule and we touched down in LA around 10am on Sunday morning (USA time). In what has been a trend over the last few days, our trek from Sydney to USA encountered such celebrites as Aussie rock icon "Paul Norton", Aussie entertainment journalist and former MTV host Richard Wilkins, Aussie actor Hugh Jackman, as well as the multi million selling band Linkin Park.

We are based about a 20 minute walk from the infamous Sunset Strip, and what a place this is! Why has it taken me so long to come to here...god only knows! Our second home has become the Rainbow Bar and Grill....which anyone that has a passing interest in the hard rock era of the 80's will be well aware of. This is a tiny little place where you just never know who is going to be buying a drink with you up at the far, Dave Navarro TV host/former guitarist from Red Hot Chilli Peppers.....Wes Scantlin lead singer from Puddle of Mud, stars from Jackass, Ron Jeremy adult entertainment superstar and some of the hottest bands in LA at the moment "EvenX" and "Paperback Hero" . As we were all ready well aware....the Aussie accent is a surefire conversation starter! All you have to do is speak and people instantly come up and chat away about Jet or Wolfmother or Wolf Creek or INXS or whatever it is that they associate with Australia....

As far as sightseeing, Troy and I headed down to Venice Beach and Santa Monica yesterday and through Beverly Hills. Not much had changed to when I hung out there 6 years ago. Today we are getting a guided tour of Hollywood by our mate Julez from back home in Melbourne.

Last night we checked out a few bands...namely the amazing Metal Skool, an 80's hard rock tribute band. That deserves a whole blog in itself...anyone that has seen them or heard about them will be well aware of what I am talking about! Supporting them was the awesome "Paperback Hero"...a band to watch out for, modern melodic rock at it's finest!

Ok gotta go....whilst it's free internet here in the hotel, I can't concentrate as Troy and Julez are going nutz over the Price Is Right

Now that we realise we get free Internet via our laptop from our hotel room, more will come soon!!!!

Hope life is treating you all grandly...