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Scott’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007

Location: Rocklahoma......, USA

MapHey Y'all,

Over the last 4 days we have been based in the wide open expands of Pryor, Oklahoma, attending the innaugral 4 day rock music festival "Rocklahoma" featuring around 25 of the biggest hard rock bands from the 80's that ever were, with about 40,000 in attendance, including about 10 Aussies.

My, my, my....this was without a doubt one of the best 4 days of our lives. Where does one start with even beginning to tell the the words of Meatloaf himself, for us all "Rock N Roll Dreams Come True"...and for us they certainly did. We met and hung out backstage with some of our biggest musical hero's, we got to see bands perform we never ever thought we would see, we met some amazing friendly people...and it's fair to say that us contingent of about 10 Australian's took that festival by storm.
Once word spread that there were a bunch of crazy Aussie's that travelled over for the festival....there was no hiding. Photo requests from hordes of people, interviews with some of the biggest American musical media outlets who are going to feature our adventures, bands wanting to meet up with us, shout outs from up on stage by bands/MC' times we wondered whether it was us that was the highlight of the festival, or he music, haha!!

The whole festival was an awesome set up, and the logistics of it was far better than I imagined. The free food and drinks were in abundance, easy to access and of an exceptional quality so we were always well fed and nourished! Our 5 star accomodation for 3 of us in a mini van was suprisingly good....but not much sleep was anticipated anyways. For the best part of the 4 days we ended up sitting in seats about 2 rows from the front of stage. The weather was very warm but not oppresively hot, but due to all the floods over the past weeks, the festival grounds were recovering from flooding so it took a little bit for it all to dry out.

A full comprehensive review of all the bands with setlists a bunch of photo's etc will follow once we return home. For now, just a quick update and a few photo's showing off who we got to hang out with and check them out in the photo section of this page!

Bye for now, we in Memphis about to head off to Graceland!

PS: We survived driving the 450 miles from Oklahoma to Memphis, that was an awesome experience and will be featured in the next installment!!