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stubby’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Dec 2007

Location: Brussels, Belgium

MapBelgium is awesome. Just because the whole place revolves around beer and chocolate. Or chocolate beer, my favorite new taste sensation.
Gaz and I headed over to Brussels for a weekend, and to be honest, there isn't too much to see in Brussels. But, thats not to say that it isn't a great place, in fact I really like the place. It has this very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, everyone is positively lovely, and after coming from London, you notice how clean the place city is.
There is also historical treasures everywhere. Around every corner there's a statue, or a church, or a square or something that's ancient and beautiful.
Then theres the bar, Delirium, that holds the Guinness world record for most commercially available beers. 2004 beers for sale at the one bar in fact. We must have had 15 or so, and didn't try a bad one. But then again, no beer is really bad. Except Fosters of course, but thats not beer, is fermented cat urine served in ass tasting glasses.
We saw the little guy, the Mannekin Pis, which is a tiny little status of a boy taking a leak. A guy, lets call him Frank, comes by a few hundred times a year and changes his outfit. When we were there we was dressed like a Bishop or a wise man. Seeing I don't know the difference, I'll let you choose which.
We saw the Royal palace and the Royal park which is shaped like the Freemasons logo, for all you conspiracy theorists, and of course the Grand Place, which is quite, well grand. Surrounded on 4 sides by very old gilded buildings, its really something to see. Check out the photo's on the photo page!
Oh, and yes, if its Belgian Chocolate, is is very possible to eat a good kilo in under 15 mins. Some of you aren't getting presents this xmas, don't blame me, blame the Belgians for making such tasty chocolates.