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stubby’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Dec 2007

Location: Stonehenge and Bath, UK

MapSo...the inevitable finally happened. I bought another motorbike.
It's a Triumph Tiger 955, a touring machine, that I'm going to use to ride to as many places in Europe as I can. Screw airplanes (and more specifically airport security), they suck monkey nuts. Bikes are the future people and you should all get one.
Now, for my first weekend jaunt, I decided to do a day trip, using mostly B-roads, to some places I've always wanted to see: Stonehenge and Bath. For those of you who don't know what B-roads are, they are like alternative back road routes that usually follow main roads, but are narrow, windey, and most importantly, almost deserted. In other words, awesome biking material.
As you're all probably aware, its cold time over here, but thanks to some good equipment and heated grips, the ride was a pleasure. I hate you McKee for having heated grips all this time: you bastard.
Stonehenge was pretty amazing, It kind of snuck up on me too, i came around a bend after riding for 2 hours and it was right there, smack bang on the hill in front of me. I was a bit awestruck, after hearing about it, and seeing in pictures all thee years, it was right there. Its not as big as I imagined it, but its nonetheless an amazing thing to see up close. Ruins of something old and ancient that has somehow been forgotten about over the centuries, there really is something powerful and mysterious about the whole area that I can't quite put my finger on.
Then, there's all the barrows (burial mounds) that scatter the landscape all around Stonehenge. Who knows who is buried there, but they were probably really important in their time.

After Stonehenge (and several cups of Coffee to warm up - feckin rip off Stonehenge coffee by the way) I headed on out through the backroads to Bath.
Bath was a much larger city than I was expecting, but it really was pretty. Old Georgian architecture and the place seems old but very pretty.
I went to the Roman Baths, which are really a hot spring, that over the centuries, people have built stuff on. First the medieval Saxon's, then the romans, then the Victorians. Over the years it was built upon until it was forgotten and lay in ruins. It still amazes me that people can lose and forget about things like that in such a small bloody place. I mean I can understand losing an Aztec temple in the Amazon, its huge and dangerous, but to lose a roman bath in the middle of england? its like people were blind for a couple of centuries. In anycase, the baths were quite impressive, not due to their size, but just to see the kind of technology like, pipes, heated floors, sauna's and drainage the these people managed to construct so long ago. They must have been the first people to invent such things.
Photo's up soon, hopefully soon i'll get enough time to ride the bike from the very top of Scotland John O'Groates to the the very bottom of England - Lands End.
That oughta keep me busy!