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stubby’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Dec 2007

Location: All Over the Place, UK

MapWell, it's been a few weeks since I got my Bike, and I've been doing some serious riding. Getting myself prepped and ready for some long rides when winter is over.
B-roads, I have discovered, are awesome. They are these little tiny, narrow, windey, back roads, that are usually traffic free and a joy to ride on. These have become my new playground.
I've been doing a lot of riding around England's south east side. I've been up to Lowestoft: England's most easterly point, down to Brighton, and all over Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex and Kent. I've been stopping at various castles and ruins on the way and taking photo's, and god there are a lot of them. It seems that every 15 mins or so of ride time you run into something ancient or awesome you need to look at.
I've taken some pics of Orford Castle: a Norman period castle keep, the ruins of the Church of St Andrew at Covehithe, More of a very old set of Castle ruins at Bungay, and lastly but no means least, the 13th century castle at Bodiam.
Also, I went to the "Beach" at Brighton....these people don't know what beaches are. L2Beach I say. It was rocks, not sand, not even gravel, giant friggin rocks. They may be able to make a damn fine castle but sheesh, spend less time doing that, and more time sand mining for a decent beach if you ask me.