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Saturday, 03 May 2008

Location: Athens, Greece

MapLast weekend, we went rolling 7 deep minus the FES in Athens.
All in all a great weekend, we ate, drank, and soaked up some ancient Greek culture. These folks knew how to make a building, and they are seriously impressive, considering they made them at around 750BC. Thats a real long time ago, well before the Romans were marauding round Europe.
Only thing that is starting to bug me about going to all these places is these people who walk up to, say your restaurant table, every 5 minutes and try to sell you knock off sunnies or dvd's or handbags. I mean seriously, take your shit and f--k off, most people don't travel half way around the planet for fake Ray-bans. And we certainly don't like being asked every 5 minutes, while we are eating, by the same person - die in a fire. OK Rant is over.
Other that that, Greece is lovely, and the weather was just beautiful!
Oh and I got an awesome hat from the markets ;)