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Todd’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Location: Guilin, China

MapOk...I'm trying this new blogsite because the other...can't be read in China by me! Then again if I knew Chinese I would be able to read it.

Where did I leave off?? We spend yesterday morning biking around the Yangshou area. Tons of mountain like structures. Hard to describe. We venture through the town and on country roads until we found the "Dragon River". We placed our bikes on the rafts and leasurely sat on a bamboo raft while a local moved us up and down the river (Two per raft) What a lifestyle!!! I felt like the rich and famous. If I only had a beer in my hand. Then again later down the river was woman with a raft selling beer, water, pop out of a cooler. Speaking of cooler...everything around here is served warm. Unless you specifically ask for cold ...and then it is only semi cool. After about an hour on the raft we came back on shore. Bike a while longer to "Moon Hill". Basically a large rock structure shaped like an arch. Val and I relunctantly agreed to walk up the 800 steps to get to the top. OH MY GOODNESS! What a climb! The whole while we walked up, Chinese woman walked with you fanning you the whole way carrying coolers. The continuesly tried to sell you things while fannying you to keep you cool. I was a smart ass and said I would never need it and would not pay. I probably should have allowed here for a mere 5 Yuan (60cents). After walking all the way down, my body was trully shaking! We ate lunch and rode our bikes back to town.

Ah... the luggage saga continues. Our luggage arrived in Guilin for us to pick up, but it would mean a hour and 45 minute drive just to the airport. Our tour leader arranged a local "Friend" (I use the term loosely) to drive us there and back. If we had taken a taxi, it would have cost us about $60. This way it was only $40 plus a $5 tip. All in all we now have luggage and great supply of extra clothes based upon our purchases while in China. Most of my new clothes seem to be better suited to the always hot conditions. Hot and humid all the time. Why did I even bring pants and a jacket?

Last night we ventured out for a fun night out. Had a few too many and sleep in a little.

We have the day to explore on our own and take a night train again tonight on our way to the River Boat experience.