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Todd’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2007

Location: Chengdu, China

MapLet me sum up the last few days in the short amount of time I have...We took a boat up the Yangzee (sp?) river in the Lesser Gorge of the Three Gorges for two days. Not a cruise mind you, but a boat mainly full of local Chinese people. The first full day on the boat we docked and took a smaller boat down a branch of the Lesser Gorge where locals took us on an adventure in traditional type boat. At one point they got out and showed us how they pull boats up the river when it gets too shallow and rocky. Very educational. That night, we brought down the house at karokee and dancing ( I danced and showed off my moves). Everyone literaly left when our group began to sing. I had one too many beers that nights and was able to sleep in.

Yesterday (July 3rd) we went to see the largest Buddha in the World. Absolutely incredible! Made for a long day, but well worth it. Last night a few of us ventured down to the business district. I thought Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. would be cheaper, but it costs just as much. I don't know how they can afford it here. Food and everythings else if much cheaper. Most of our meals have been as a large group. Our leader orders the meals while we sample a little of each. A great way to try the food. Mind you, by doing this a meal hasn't cost more than 5 dollars including a beer or Coke.

We are off today to Xian were we'll see the Tarrocata (sp?) Warriors and a few others sights.

Cheers for now!