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Todd’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: Xian, China

MapWe made it to Xian today and wondered around the Muslim Quarter. Ate at a Muslim/Chinese Resturant and walked around to do some shopping. Once again, I purchased more useless crap. The thrill of bargaining is to just too much fun. They say 140 and I eventually get it for 40! I'm sure they are still making a profit, otherwise why sell it???

This evening we attended a fancy dinner of dumplings followed by a performance of dancing....yada yada yada... all that custom heritage crap that I could do without. (But a good experience as a group) We plan to right bikes around town tomorrow and see the big Goose Pagoda. The afternoon will be free time. Probably more shopping and bargaining. Have I mentioned how little room I have since I have to carry everthing around!!!! Since we went with out luggage for several days and weren't really sure if and when we would get it I purchased as many new clothes as I brought. Once I can unload (Ship home) much of the clothes and items bought in China, I should be good to go in Europe. I can't believe I'll be spending that much more time in Europe after such an amazing trip here in China. What a summer!!!!!
Hope everyone had a great FOURTH of July!

PS- I was not where near the bombing that took place in china. I heard there was one in a night club somewhere. Not sure where, but other than the chaotic driving, I've felt very safe!