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Todd’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007

Location: Beijing, China

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Well, I've accomplished what I came to China to do. I've viewed the Terracotta Warriors, wondered through the Forbidden City, marched through Tiananmen Square, and of course climbed the Great Wall of China. I never in my wildest dreams would that thought I would do such things. I don't think anything else on this trip will top these spectacular sites.

Two nights ago we went to see the Shaolin Monks demonstrate their Kung Fu in a awesome performance. It was a 7 scene show that told a story of a monk on his journey to enlightenment. What a performance! The best live performance that I've seen. Then again, it was action packed and not a bunch of singing!

Yesterday morning we got up early and drove three hours to the Great Wall. We went to a section where very few tourists go. Thank goodness. It was still in it's original condition. Val and I took the somewhat easy route. We took a cable car up the hill a long way then hiked up the mountain side to get to it. It was very foggy when we were their, so we weren't able to get great photos. What an experience! I'll never forget it!

After arriving back from the Great Wall we had a short rest and went for a full body massage. (not the kind with a happy ending:-)
Great way to end the day after climbing the wall. The cost...135 RMB (About 18 dollars) for a 100 minute massage. How can you go wrong? Ten of the twelve of us got the massaage.

After becoming fully relaxed, we went to enjoy the real Beijing Duck (Aka - Peking Roast Duck) along with many other local dishes. I've really be able to find true Chinese food when I return home.

Today was a free day so most of us slept in. I ventured off to the Pearly Market and of course purchased more crap I don't need!

We leave toinight for Suzhou, a great place to buy silk I hear.

The trip has been ideal. Our tour leader arranges everything for the group. I thought we would truly be on our own for most of this. The group does many of the optionaly activities together. We also eat many of our meals together, which is helpful in trying new foods.

I'll try to write again in a few days (Shanghia)