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Todd’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Jul 2007

Location: Yellow Mountains, China

MapAfter exploring the silk capital of China and buying nothing (thankgoodness-- I keep breaking my budget) we headed for Shanghia.

Shanghia was another busy city. We saw the world famous acrobats (good but very cheesey with their costumes and acting). It was entertaining to say the least.

We learned how to use the subway system as we explored the French Quarter. I wasn't very impressed. A very few buildings with expensive food (the amount you would pay in the states).
Everything was just too foggy to appreciate the scenic view along the river front. Maybe when we stop by there on our way back, it'll be clearer!

We are currently in the Yellow Mountains. Famous for it's views and tea. Unfortunately I don't like tea, so I won't be able to appreciate the fine taste. We hike up the mountain tomorrow to get a better view of the area. I expect the views to be spectacular. In a few days, I'll be back to civilization in Europe with western toilets easy to find (even if you have to pay to use them).