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Todd’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jul 2007

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

MapWell I'm finally back in western culture. We arrived in Germany late last night (11:00 pm). We headed to Phillipsburg this morning to stay with Val's friends. We'll be here for the next few days and then off to Italy.

After leaving the beautiful views of the Yellow Mountains, we headed back to Shanghai. When in the Yellow Mountains we had to climb a great deal and then walk for an hour straight down stairs from the Mountains. Others walked for almost two hours, so it gives you an idea how our legs were feeling the next few days.

Back in Shanghai, we enjoyed a last lunch together and decided to meet later for a going away party. We ended up at the local karaoke establishment. They had several private rooms and a "party store" to purchase drinks and spirits. Great ending to a wonder odyssey of China.