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Todd’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Aug 2007

Location: Crete, Greece

MapWell...a wonderful week of relaxing and sunbathing has come to an end. It was a great week here on Crete. I tried relaxing and taking in the sun, but you all know me...I had to keep moving. I walked and roamed new areas as well as rode the public bus to downtown. We rented a car on Thursday and seem to spend most of your time driving through the mountains than we did walking around. After not driving for the last month and then having to drive through the mountains with continous switchbacks, it was mentally exhausting. I took the car again on Friday to see other parts as Val stayed and sunbathed. Of course my camera had to break with only 10 days left. I could not buy a cheap thing so I bought one comparible to the one I had (mind it cost more than mine even thought it doesn't have all the features).

So may be surprised by this...but Val is flying home early and I'll be on my own starting August 4. Hence, 10 days on my own to figure out how to get where I need. I should be all right. It will be fun talking with other travelings and getting their advice. Val left a week before me, so she has been on the road longer. She has already seen the sights I'm heading to, so she'll be able to enjoy her birthday at home with friends.

The plan is to stay in Rome in for two days than head up to see Florenze. One day/night in Florenze and off to Nice/Cannes for an exploratory day. After that...HERE I COME PARIS! Two days in Paris and then headed for home. Won't be long and I'll have to be back to reality!!!!!