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Todd’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Aug 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

MapI cant believe the number of things Ive seen on this trip (I know Im missing the apostrophes, but this coumputer doesnt seem to have them!!!!!!!-but at least the internet is free!!!!)

When I finaly made it back to Athens and ventured to find my cheap hostel (12:30 in the morning), had to climb six flights of winding stairs in the complete dark. The place was way dodgey. The guy checking me in seemed drunk or just plain weird. Fortunately I had a bed, I mean cot to sleep in. The next morning I woke and met up with a guy from Australia to catch the train with. Between the two of us, we made it to Patri (where the ferries are) He was an interesting guy and we had a lot to talk about. It helped time fly by. Once again I made my way on a 16 hour ferry ride.
As I arrived in Bari (Italy) I forgot the time changed and had to wait longer than I expected for my train to Rome. No worries...all part of the adventure.

I arrived in Rome last night around 6pm. I found my way to my hostel (which was hard because the directions given were WRONG) and they had no power. Fortunately, they moved me to a different hostel with all the same extras - air con!
After checking in, I found the Colosseum and took a few photos. I was starved so I decided on Chinese! I never should have tried. It was no where near as good as in China let alone home.
This morning I woke up early and made it to see St. Peters and the Sistine Chapel. WOW! WOW! I took way too many photos, but I can sort through them later. Very memorable!!!!!
Walked back from there and saw many other sights.
Ill fill tomorrow with the rest while a take a short rest.
All is good!