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Todd’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2007

Location: Pisa / Florence, Italy

MapMy stay in Rome was good! Things went by fast and I walked a lot. I am getting tired of seeing churches. There are so many beautiful ones, but when youve seen so becomes hard to appreciate each and everyone.

I decided to wrap up Rome and head out earlier than expected. I had to take the regionale train to Florence or wait in line for a reservation and pay more. Hence, a four hour train ride instead of two. My hotel in Florece if a little distance out of the city center, but still a nice walk. I check into my hotel around 5:30 and ventured to see if I could get into the Accademia where Michelangelos "David" can be found. Keep in mind they close at 6:50 and stop letting people in 30 mintures prior to closing and there is typcially a need for a reservation. All of this said...I walked right in with no wait. The small muesum houses many famous works by many famous artists. DAVID was huge and very cool to see in person. I got in trouble for taking a photo, but others were as well. Did I mention I got some great photos of the Sistine Chapel? Another place you are not suppose to take photos.
After the Accademia, I walked around Florence to get a feel of things. Big city, expensive, and very fashion oriented. Too expensive for me. Even the food is expensive. I cant wait to get home and make my own food. Let alone pay less than 3 dollars for a Coke. (A typically meal at McDonalds in Italy costs 7-8 US dollars.)
I try eating local food, but it costs even more. Thank goodness I will be coaching and getting more money to cover all of this.

I debated on getting up early and head to another museum to see more famous works of art. I decided my rest was more important. Instead, I headed to Pisa to see the leaning tower. I am glad I did. Quick stop, but a great stop. It was only an hour train ride from Florence. I will head back there today and catch the the overnight train to Nice, France. Spend the day there or in Cannes and then head for Paris.
Chio (Goodbye)