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Todd’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Jul 2008

Location: Tanzania

MapFinally off to the start of my new trek.
44 hours after leaving Detroit Metro I arrived in Nairobi. Only 10 minutes to get a visa! advice is to never fly with British Airways! They once again have my luggage. So I am once again in a foreign country without luggage. Good thing I brought extra undies and shirts in my carry on.
We are now in Arusha and I once again had to buy clothes. Interesting journey with the locals to get it. I went to THEIR market to buy clothes and then got a tour of the local central market! Very interesting. I got many looks, but did appreciate the journey I was taken on. I hope to get my luggage in a few days after I return from the Serengeti! It will be cold nights without the gear I need, but an adventure it will be.

Mom- Please contact my Travel insurance company to find out how to go about a claim and email what they say. The file is claimed through Kenya Airways reference number NBOKQ57489

www.wwwtracer.aero_filedsp_ kq.htm (forward slash where the underscores are!