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Todd’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Jul 2008

Location: Arusha, Africa

MapMom-email me your email address so I have it.
I am awaiting in Arusha to hear if my luggage has been dropped off hear. Nobody seems to know anything.
Hard to save receipts when most clothes come from the street markets. They really don't have any real shops to speak of to purchase things. I have a copy of the incident report, but would I go about getting the information about length of delay? Both flight from Det and JFK were delayed on the runway before takeoff. I then had to take another two flights from London.

All considering...THIS really is a fantastic trip. When I have more time to write about it I will. The Serengeti was fabulous! Tons of wildlife. Hyena's only meters from our tent site at night. Great group of people to be traveling with. Right now 23 people. Some stop at Vic Falls and others get on soon. I think will will have up to 29!

Hope I get my luggage!!!!!!!