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Todd’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Jul 2008

Location: Zanzibar (Country), Tanzania

MapWell I finally picked up my luggage one week after arriving in Africa. Fortunately everything survived and made it to me. Everyone has been very nice and offering things of their own to lend me.

After arriving in Kenya at 9am on Saturday and dealing with the luggage issue, I got to a hotel around 10:30. I was so jet lagged I just decided to take a few hour nap. Our group had the orintation meeting at 5pm. It lasted for about an hour. I headed out and got a small pizza for my dinner. I've been shocked at what I've found while here in Africa. So many people live in what we would call miserable conditions. Even the major cities are very basic. Many roads are dirt and the ones that are paved are in very poor condition. There really aren't any proper shopes to purchase things. Hence, it's been hard getting receipts for the few clothes I have purchased.

We left Kenya for the Mesaranie (sp?) snake park. A free camping site for people taking part in the Serengeti excursion. I think they make more money from the purchase of beer! First thing in the morning we headed to Ngorongoro Crater (Sp?) Great place to see wildlife in what is a relatively small area. (Still a very vast place) We saw so many things. It is the dry season so most have left, but it allowed us to see animals hunting for food during the day when they normally hunt at night because they were so hungary. That afternoon we headed to the Serengeti and saw even more wildlife (Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Cheetahs, Gazelles, etc) We were able to get so close it was like being in a zoo.
We were even able to see four lions (female) about to try and take on a hear of buffalo! I captured it all on video!!!!!

The next morning we spent more time wandering the Serengeti.
The night in the Serengeti was interesting as unsafe as if probably was!!!!

We've spent time in Tanzania and now we are chillaxing in Zanzibar. A small island country off the coast of Tanzania. We went snorking and visited a former prison island. Not real impressed with the so called prison part, but the Giant Tortises on the Island were incredible!!! So MASSIVE. I imagine they are similar in size to the ones in the Galapagos! Today will be another day of relaxing and possibly snorkling. Maybe a little volleyball and of course a few beers! I remember the last time I drank every night straight. Forunately only one morning I awoke with a headache. Thankgoodness I kept each night to a minimum of 3 or 4 beers. (about 16oz each)

We will be leaving hear 10 am tomorrow and heading back to Tanzania where we will be off to Malawi (sp?) Sounds like another great beautiful place to relax and take in the scenery and wildlife!

I am good, healthy and eating plenty!!!