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Todd’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Jul 2008

Location: Mzuzu, Liberia

MapHey everyone...thanks for leaving messages. I am getting them, but internet access is so slow and far between that it makes it difficult to answer them all. The food is much better than I anticipated. Our cook is great at making wonderful meals. Our lunchs of course are lacking (cold cut sandwiches). We have just spent two days in Chitemba and will be staying here in Mzuzu for the next three nights. I purchased way too many wood carvings already that I'll have to ship them home.

Met a witch doctor yesterday. Crazy money making experience!

Everything is cheap here is Malawi. A snickers is more expensive than a beer!!!! We plan on hitting the markets and purchasing some humourus cloths for each other to try on and entertain each other. A sort of fashion show!!

Things are good. I'll stay away from the bungy jumping and skydiving!!

Hope things are well at home and my house is still intact! (Emily :)