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Todd’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jul 2008

Location: Livingstone, Zambia

MapWow! The adventure continues.
While in Malawi, myself and four other girls decided to upgrade and rent a nice room rather than sleep in a tent. Hence, the room only had two beds so we shared sleeping on the floor. Great fun!
We also had a "costume" porty of sorts. We drew names and were to purchase random odd clothing for others at the market. Imagine only spending four dollars total on an outfit. Very interesting outfits and great fun!

The last three days we've spend driving to get to Zambia to see Vic Falls. One of the nights traveling we decided to upgrade to a room again. The five of us in a room with only one bed! We all crammed in and made room. Great group girls to hang out with. No...nothing is happening with any of them. Even though I do have a crush on the one Irish girl!

We stopped in Lusaka on our trip to Vic Falls. Lusaka was the first city we've stopped at that seems to be the rest of the world. Everything else around here is so third world. I can't believe the conditions in which people live. You hear stories, but it doesn't hit home until you've seen it!

Our group will be changing dramatically this weekend. We are losing 13 people and will be adding on 12 more. The whole dynamics will change!

Tomorrow I walk with the lions and ride an elephant through a national park. Later in the day I will be flying in a microflight plane over Vic Falls. Sunday...I've agreed to go white water rafting. How I get talked into these things I'll never know. (yes..I want to do it. I just don't want to drown!)

Write again soon!