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Todd’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008

Location: South Africa

MapThings are still good.
The elephant ride wasn't as spectacular as I had expeceted. Only one elephant and two of us to ride it. Didn't any wildlife while riding it.
The lion walk was incredible! Two lions the age of 16 months. Trust me when I say they were not small. We got to walk with them and even pet them. I asked to scratch one on the chin. It was very cool.
After doing both of these things, Helen and I (the cute Irish girl) stayed on the Zimbabwe side to see Victoria Falls. Much better view from that side.
Later that same day I boarded a microplane for my first microflight ever. Basically a glider with a propeller on the back. It was an intense and great 15 minutes. We went directly over the falls and admired the views.

Sunday was the rafting. Fortunately I didn't fall out. Our boat worked well together. I was very scared at a few points. Huge rapids!!!!!

Last night spent in the Chobe National Park seeing and hearing wildlife!

My time on the computer is running out. T