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Todd’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Aug 2008

Location: Swakapmond, Namibia

MapExtreme Sandboarding on broken bones...
Intense Quadbiking in the Namibian broken bones...
Upgrading to get out of the nasty dorms...priceless.

Since we've added on to our group we've had several interesting bickering matches. A guy from the US (Typical cocky american) has caused a bit of controversy with several people on the trip.
Several older people (in their seventies and one 82 Year old) have caused us to bring about several new "rules" on the truck...hmmm...I would never want to travel like this when I get that age.

With less than a week left and only one coutry left to visit...I am missing the security of my own bed and the comfort of a frig!

Many animals, many people, many countries, and another adventure almost at it's end!

Africa has been very different than I expected, but then again I didn't know what to expect. I'm thankful for where I live and the friends I have. I've made several close friends on this trip that I'll keep in contact with and probably visit. (Ireland here I come)

Check out my new published photos! After five weeks on holiday, I've finally had enough time and fast enough internet to download photos.