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Weskus’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapMmmm, just turned 35 today. Gosh that is soooooo old. Must admit that not being married and not having a few todlers running around, are seriously hitting home now. Maybe those old "tannies " were right, I am going to die a bachelor. Brrrrrrr, scary thought. Well, lets look at the bright side, I alive..........mmmmm.....surely that can't be it. Yeah, I'm healthy as well. Two things to feel great about. Phew.

Let's move on. I'm a little indecisive about having a big bash and just spending time with the family. Most of my best friends either left the country (Jacques & Nats, Andre, Paul - thanks guys), moved back to Namibia (Willem, Francois) or got themselves married with kids (Neil & Werner). And you know the latter, they don't do bachelor birthday parties anymore. Only parties where there are more kids then grown-ups. Seems like life becomes much more complicated the older you get.

So I think I would probably end up with the familje! Especially now that my mom is here on a visit from the "Nam". I call it the "Nam" cause I haven't been to Namibia for quite some time. Seems foreign somehow.

What else, only that it is freezing cold here in CPT. When I say freezing I mean it. When you walk out of your house in the morning the cold bites you where it hurts. Wish summer was here. Talking about summer, need to get back in to, I know round is a shape but I'm more going for the triangle shape. Since my squash partner fled to the UK, I left to my own devices. Boozing and watching TV. Oh I almost forgot, I'm started to play darts, now that is a workout for you. Got a cramp in my calve the other day. Playing Jonno a marathon Russian Killer game that carried on for almost three hours. Shit, I get a cramp in my other calve just thinking about it. Must not over exercise. Start slow, finish early...that's a man of my physique's motto.

Have to go...some of the boys want to celebrate my birthday. I'll watch, seems much more exciting.

To all my friends that left, may you have the worst day of your life, to those who stuck it out with me, may Bacchus be kind to you and your children.

Over and out!