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Monika’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Jun 2007

Location: Taiwan

MapAfter finally arrive in Taipei at 8pm, I anxiously searched for my friend, Joyce. Wah, Joyce is still the same! Hehe. It was soo good and nice to see her again! We were in the same hospitality, business Studies, Math and Visual Art back in high school. Haha.

As soon as we stepped out the airport, a scorching heat greet us! JUst like Jakarta! Hehe. We went on the air conditioned bus and off to Taipei Station as I call it Central station. Then we went on train to go to Shida nightmarket. Apparently nightmarkets open from 7pm til 3 am!!! It would be crazy to work in that hour! There were neon lights, billboards and signs everywhere that there is no empty space! It was very Hongkong type. It was a constant struggle to walk toward the nightmarket (even more harder at the nightmarket)! Seriously, because people walk all over the street! And they do not make a way. Haha. You can not put your mind at peace. You have to be at guard all the time, because the road rule does not apply there!I felt very asian there. =)

There were all kinds of food!!! Such as apple covered in chocie, dumplings, noodles, omelette, cakes and many many many MORE! I was disappointed that I didnt get to stay in Taiwan long enough to taste the rich variety food! =((

Lots of fashion clothes, shoes, bags and accessories there too! I bought a cute pink T-Shirt. Everyone is soo fashionable in HK style. Most of the nightmarket goers were teens! It seemed that Taiwan never sleeps.

We went around & around the nightmarket until we're exhausted and full wif all the food we tasted; Taiwanese style soup, omellete & Pearl milk tea.

When we arrived at the station where Joyce and her fam live. We had to walk to her apartment for about 10 minutes. I gotta admit the walk was a bit terrifying....You see, it was at around midnight, so we walked on murky and quiet street with very little headlights....Joyce told me that she would never walk alone at night, which made me even more scared (as there was noone except us) Haha. But I consider it pretty safe compare to Jakarta which is full of homeless people, thugs and crooks. To my relief, we arrived safely to her old fashioned's very very Chinese style. Just like the one I often see in Chinese Kungfu movie! =) Her nice apartment remind me a lot of my grandma's home! *To Joyce & Family: Thank you very much for letting me sleepover at your place!!*