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Monika’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Jun 2007

Location: Taiwan

MapAt 8 am, Joyce and I soon went out to eat breakfast at yumcha-like restaurant. Very de-li-ci-ous...I forgot what they're called! D'oh! The meal is completed with nice soybean milk drink! In Taiwan, it's very easy and convenient to get brekkie, lunch and just go out and buy takeaway foods at cheaaap price!! I guarantee you can get food at any hour in Taiwan!!(if not go to 7 eleven shop!) Hehe. I wish this system also happen in Syd!

I realised Taiwan is prettier and alive at night time with the neon lights and exciting buzz from locals.

We went on a train to go to see the very famous Taipei 101 Tower. Apparently it's world's tallest building. My my my....when I saw it, it was a gorgeous and magic sight; a beautiful oriental chinese skyscraper. The pagoda style tower is divided into eight canted sections. And I could see ancient chinese copper coins just below the first canted section of the tower! I realised that the reason it's called Taipei 101 is because it has 101 floors!!! TO my dismay, it's not open until 11am! I can't wait until 11 am, because I had to be at the airport by 11am! But we able went window shopping inside the Taipei 101..hehe.

I'm soo glad that I get to visit and experience the vibrant culture of Taiwan...thanks to Joyce! Without her I wouldn't be able to see as much I can in such a short amount of time!!!

Off I go to airport to meet my worried parents (they worried that I will get lost or can't get back to airport on time) Haha.

We went on the plane to go to Vancouver, Canada with excitement!! Wow, when I think about the distance from Syd, Aussie to Vancouver, Canada, it's a hell long way!! I'm surprised at myself that we able to go that far!

As soon as we arrived at the Vancouver airport, we were warmly greeted by papi's ex university mate, Eddy Chondro and his wife, Meity. I was intrigued by their long lasting friendship. We're extremely lucky to have them to take care of us during our stay in Vancouver. *To uncle Eddy & family: Thank you very much for letting us stay at your beautiful home!*

All of us including uncle Eddy, aunt Meity and their son & daughter; Alex & julie visited Granville Island, which is just sitting on peaceful water dock surrounded by yachts, high rise apartments and seagulls. Granville Island turned out to be a public market that sell a whole rich variety of delicacy such as breads, cheeses, fruits and vegies! Every stall market has organic look. We couldn't believe that the bananas only cost $0.59 per pound (equal to half a kilo!) compare to $5.99 bananas per kilo in Syd!!! We then immediately bought the appetizing bananas, peaches & strawberies!

Then we went to stylish and chic street called Robson St. It's like Beverly Hills! Haha. The street is lined up with branded fashion stores and cafes. The shopping goers ranged from teens to oldies, contentedly had coffee, juice or ice cream in their hand while shopping in pleasure. It was a relaxing atmosphere.

After we ate lunch at Hon's (Chinese restaurant), we drove to Stanley Park, a gorgoeus and huge park surrounding Vancouver harbour, just opposite the downtown. The park has long paved path specially for avid walkers and cyclists which they can see the stunning overview of yachts, downtown and exhilarating wide blue sky. We could have take a stroll around the park, but we just don't have the energy and time. Haha, very typical of us. We took a Stanley drive toward the Prospect Point, a striking view of Lions Gate Bridge! The bridge is alike to the famous San Fransisco's bridge, except that it's green and shorter bridge.

Oh I forgot to mention that Vancouver has daylight until 9pm!!! Yep, you can still see the bright and clear sky at 8 pm!!! It's very easy to get carried away with staying up late and didn't realise the time, because Vancouver is always awake.