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Monika’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Jun 2007

Location: Canada

MapMe, papi, mami, uncle Eddy and aunt Meity explored Richmond, just south of downtown Vancouver. Lots of mix chain stores, small boutiques and eateries that cater to upscale Asian residents. While there, we checked out the gigantic Yaohan Chinese supermarket that offer array of Asian produce and grocery items! To my surprise they even sell fresh cakes, sushi, steam buns and all the yum cha foods all under one roof!!! It seemed the food choice never ends in Canada! At that point I whinged because Sydney does not have supermarket like this kind! If there's one in Syd, I'll be happy forever! (sigh)

After that, we explored the bustling Chinatown which is full of Chinese bakeries, restaurants, herbalists and fruit&veg shops. As usual, Chinatown's structures are coloured in bright red. Lots of old people doing grocery shopping.

Next stop is Metrotown shopping mall. Lots of chain fashion stores, high end boutiques, cafes and chain food stores.

As the afternoon go by, we decided to visit Burnaby mountain to see a spectacular overview of the mountainous terrain with water. What a shame it was cloudy, grey and gloomy weather. But nevertheless it's still stunning...

Last destination is Queen Elizabeth Park; a lavish garden with blossoming flora everywhere. I spotted a very cute squirel sitting just on top of a rubbish bin. It appeared to be searching for food. We took a pleasure stroll while admiring the perfect layout of the garden. What an ideal way to spend the afternoon!