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Monika’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007

Location: Canada

MapMami, Papi and I went to Seattle, USA with a small tour group by a small coach. It was 3 hours trip just from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, USA. It was our first time crossing US border by land!!! Hehe.

Anyway, we toured around University of Washington. The buildings are very Hogwarts school like! Lots of wide grassy space which is perfect for lay down and study.

Then we went to Washington fish ladder to discover all things about salmon's evolution life. The fish ladder is also known as fish steps, which to facilitate salmon's natural migration from lake to ocean or vice versa. The most interesting is that when salmon gets tired, its skin will turn very red. Also when salmon gets married, it will soon die! Poor them....

For lunch, we ate fish&chips at the crowded Ivar's fish bar. It was located at the George Benson waterfront. Yummmm!

We and the tour explored the Seattle city by the coach. I imagined it to be like New York kind of thing. But it turned out to be just like any other city. Strangely it's even more quieter than Sydney...

Then we stopped at Space Needle point to take pictures and take a walk. There were all kinds of rides, food and entertainment surround the Space Needle Point. It's a bit like luna park, but without the clown's face..haha. Lots of families there enjoying the recreations.

Our last destination is Prime Outlet stores, which located between Vancouver and Seattle. There are GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, COACH, etc. Only bought GAP canvas shoes for US$10.